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Betraying The Martyrs - "Let it Go" (Disney's Frozen cover) LIVE! [HD] {All Stars Tour 2014}

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Frozen [MV]- Let It Go Metal Cover (Betraying the Martyrs)

SEIZURE WARNING**** (Yeah, there is a tonne of flashing lights. Please view in a well lit room). There is nothing like mixing ...

Frozen (Disney Video)- Betraying the Martyrs

Frozen original Disney video overdubbed with the Betraying the Martyrs version (which was an utter pain in the arse!)

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS - Let it Go - Guitar Playthrough

Baptiste Vigier and Lucas D'angelo from Betraying The Martyrs performing their "Let it Go" cover from the disney movie "Frozen".

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS - Let It Go (Official Music Video) THE WOLF HUNTERZ Reactions

Want a custom reaction video? Want a cover song just for YOU or a song about YOU? THEWOLFHUNTERZ

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS - Parasite (Official Music Video)

Betraying The Martyrs // Rapture // OUT NOW Buy / Stream: Tour Dates: ...

let it go (Frozen)- Betraying the Martyrs cosplay drum cover

Artist: Betraying the Martyrs Song:let it go Player:Taku Miyamoto My name's Taku and I'm a heavy metal drummer from japan.

Betraying The Martyrs - Let It Go (vocal cover)

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Betraying the Martyrs - Let It Go - Live 8-17-14

Betraying the Martyrs Live in San Antonio, Texas on August 17, 2014 at the White Rabbit No copyright infringement intended, I do ...

Betraying the martyrs - (Frozen) Let it go Live at Getaway Rock Festival 2015

Betraying the martyrs - (Frozen) Let it go Live at Getaway Rock Festival 2015.

Betraying The Martyrs - Let It Go Cover

I love this version! All rights reserved to Betraying The Martyrs.

Betraying The Martyrs - Let It Go cover by Liam

I live stream guitar jams on twitch pretty often, feel free to follow on there to see when I go live! - twitch


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Let It Go(Frozen songs) - Betraying The Martyrs (Guitar Cover)

Please enjoy! Let It GoのBetraying The Martyrs COVERVer.を弾いてみました。 耳コピなので間違いなどあると思いますが是非最後まで ...

Let It Go - Betraying The Martyrs(Metal Cover) - 六校熱音聯展 - Burn the Six - 20170318

20170318 六校熱音聯展Burn the Six 建中熱音x北一熱音x附中吉他x中山炫音x成功音創x景美熱音18. Let It Go - Betraying The ...